Looking to find the best-value five-star accommodation that money can buy? Then head to Poland!

In a top 10 affordable luxury hotel list compiled by website Hotels it was the Polish capital Warsaw that took the gold medal, where the average price of a five-star hotel room costs just £84.

Marrakech in Morocco was found to offer the next best value for money based on average room prices per night last year.

European destinations dominated the list, occupying seven out of the 10 positions. Budapest (£105), Tallinn in Estonia (£112) and Berlin (£114) also offered comparatively affordable five-star rates.

Hotels chief marketing officer Nigel Pocklington said: “Britons looking for a taste of the high life but working to a budget don’t have to travel far to find some great deals.

“Eastern European capitals in particular offered excellent value in 2011, despite some substantial price rises as demand for rooms increased from bargain-savvy visitors.”

The most expensive five-star rooms were found in New York, averaging £340 per night. Paris came in a close second at £326, while Tokyo took third spot at £292.

London, on the other hand, had an average five-star rate of £225 – putting it 12th on the list of the most expensive luxury hotel destinations.

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