Budapest best in Europe for prices

Britons are forking out more on their holidays compared to a year ago, with Budapest giving the best value for money.

In a cost-comparison table of 25 cities compiled by Post Office Travel Money, prices have increased year-on-year in 22 of the locations. Stockholm in Sweden has witnessed the biggest rise in costs, up by 33%, followed by Riga in Latvia (30.7%), Boston in the USA (28.4%) and Vienna in Austria (26.3%). Berlin in Germany, Prague in Czech Republic and Lisbon in Portugal were the three exceptions where prices were down, falling 1.5%, 6.8% and 19.1% respectively. Budapest in Hungary is the best bet for Brits looking to stretch their holiday spending money, with the city topping the cost-comparison table.

Twelve typical city break items, including meals and accommodation, cost just £134.76 in Budapest. Vilnius in Lithuania (£140.99), Warsaw in Poland (£151.69) and Riga (£155.34) also offer good value for money. Meanwhile, Copenhagen in Denmark (£440.45) is the most expensive city in Europe, followed closely by Stockholm (£420.36). Brits named Dubrovnik in Croatia as the emerging city they would most like to visit, with Moscow in Russia and Krakow in Poland placed second and third respectively. New York in the USA, Sydney in Australia and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil are the destinations that Britons would most like to visit if money was no object.

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Budapest Basilica