easyBus work in partnership with Bus Operators to improve your yield, and grow our route network

Partnering with Leading Bus Companies

easyBus is a brand leader in low-cost airport to city-centre travel. We operate our own routes and vehicles, but we also partner with other coach and bus companies to broaden our network, offering more choice for the millions of customers who travel with us every year. Our business is growing, and we’d like to help grow yours too.

Partnering with easyBus allows you to promote your route, and sell seats, direclty from our fully featured booking engine. We use sophisticated yield-management algorithms, to optimise yield and revenue. By working with us, you can better utilise your capacity, adding incremental revenue, and improving operational efficiency.

Working with easyBus is simple.
We add your routes to our web site, and our booking engine, and immediately start to offer seats to our customer base. We give you complete visibility of ticket sales, and deliver daily reports showing all passengers due to travel from any stop. In each case, we work with you to agree ticket prices, number of available seats, reporting mechanisms, and platform access. Contact us today to find out how we can grow our business together.

Working in Partnership with Leading Coach and Bus Operators
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