Planning for a holiday can be an especially stressful experience; it can sometimes feel that the relaxation of the holiday itself has been directly offset by all of the sleepless nights spent organising it in the first place!

That’s why, when it comes to making airport transfers from central London to Gatwick, Luton or Stansted airport, you’ll want it to be as quick and easy to book as possible. After-all, if you’ve got a long flight coming up imminently, or you’ve just weathered one prior to your airport transfer, you’ve likely got enough on your plate.

Jump on the coach?

One of the more common solutions to this problem that people will often suggest is coach travel; easy to book, very few stops, and generally fairly reasonably priced.

In fact, it’s fair to say that for most routes all of the above is true. However, for the aforementioned central London to Gatwick, Luton or Stansted airports route, coach airport transfers can also have a few drawbacks.

easyBus_image_snippet_for_blogOn the scale of value

A commonly held belief about airport transfers by coach is that they offer the best value for money.

Indeed, a quick look on the website of one of Britain’s leading coach travel services shows that, if you wished to take a journey from Baker Street in central London to Stansted airport, you’d be looking at a ticket price of ten pounds sterling; which is of course an excellent price

If you decided to take your custom to easyBus instead, for the same route, you’d end up playing exactly the same price… if you purchased the ticket from the bus driver, on the day. However, if you instead planned ahead, with an aim to lessen the stress of holiday travel, and save yourself some money into the bargain, easyBus offers you a far superior deal.

If you know what you’re doing you can fully book your minibus airport transfer in less than two minutes, and the earlier you book, the cheaper your journey will be. The absolute cheapest one way airport transfer price we offer is two pounds, a 500% saving over our competitors!


Another way in which airport transfers are often sold to the public is through a combination of comfort and directness. When utilising a coach for airport transfer, you expect a quick, efficient journey; sat in plush, comfortable, air-conditioned seats, with curtains on the windows, and even lighting for late night or evening journeys.

At easyBus we’ll also get you from A to B comfortably, but we are also aware that your main concerns are speed and efficiency. After all, you heading to, or coming back from, a well-earned holiday; you want your airport transfer to be as quick and painless as possible. Our minibuses are comfortable, featuring similar outfitting to the aircraft that you’re either being carried away from or to.

In essence, we differ from coach services in that our aim is to deliver comfort and speed at an affordable price, as opposed to larger capacity and excessive, unneeded features.

On the aforementioned Stansted airport to Baker Street route, our estimated time shaves 15 minutes off our competitor’s, and you can be rest-assured that a mini-bus is better equipped to deal with last minute traffic jam or accident avoidance; the size of our fleet is far better suited to taking side roads and shortcuts than the competing full sized coaches.

When you want fast, efficient, comfortable and reliable airport transfers from Stansted, Luton or Gatwick airport to central London, or vice versa, easyBus had got you covered.