There’s a lot to remember when you’re planning a holiday, from making sure that you’ve packed all of the correct luggage, to ensuring that you’ve remembered which flight to take, and which hotel you’re staying at.

It’s in no way surprising that transportation to and from the airport is often overlooked by holidaymakers; it’s understandably a bit of an afterthought when compared with the other monumentally important holiday related choices that are involved in the process.

Taking the train

For many people, the obvious choice is commuting to the airport by train; it’s seen by many as a particularly cost effective method of transportation, especially if travelling in a large group, or if access to a car is not readily available.

In many ways they’re not wrong; a train ride from London Waterloo to Gatwick airport costs just £15.10, and will generally take about 45 – 50 minutes. But, for as good as that sounds, there are also more than a few downsides to utilising train travel for your holiday commute.

An easyBus minibus ride is the perfect alternative, excelling in many of the areas trip up airport train transfers.


Reliability and Efficiency

For starters, trains are not always all that timely; the UK national average for trains arriving either early, or within 59 seconds of the scheduled time, is 68.6% according to Network Rail. This means that a staggering 31.4% of trains are arriving later than scheduled; so for anyone operating on a tight deadline may end up missing their check-in time, or even their flight in worst case scenarios. It goes without saying that there are no diversions on the train; if there’s a delay you’re just going to have to grin and bear it.

Of course, if travelling by minibus for your airport commute or transfer, you can expect a driver to take a wide variety of measures to ensure that you make it to the airport in time for your flight, or back into London with plenty of time to spare.

Travelling by road allows for delays to be handily bypassed, and a minibus driver is not constrained by the speed restriction of their vehicle to any great degree; the only limit to how quickly they can make up for lost time is the speed limit on the road they’re on! So a minibus is a far more efficient, reliable method of transportation for airport transfers.

Space and storage

Another common complaint for regular train users is the lack of space found on board; especially around the London area. If you’re to take train from London to Gatwick, Luton or Stansted airports, or return in the opposite direction, you should be prepared to be jostled around by crowds of commuters and tourists, and find minimal storage places for your holiday luggage when you do finally get onto the train. Obviously this situation is far from ideal when you’re already stressed out from planning the holiday in the first place, and the repeated bumps and knocks certainly aren’t going to do your luggage any good either.

easyBus, on the other hand, requires you to reserve a seat when you book, guaranteeing you safe, comfortable carriage on your way to or from the airport. Provided that they fall within our generous baggage limitations, we will also safely and carefully transport any luggage that you are taking on holiday with you.

This way your holiday luggage is protected from any unnecessary wear and tear; providing you with peace of mind, as well as comfortable, non-stressful transportation.


As mentioned in the introduction, catching the train is definitely a very cheap way to deal with an airport transfer to or from London; an airport transfer by train will set you back between £15 and £25 after all!

While the value demonstrated there is certainly notable, it really cannot compare to the value offered by easyBus, with our minibus airport transfers. If you book early enough, you can look forward to prices of £2.00 for a one-way journey, and prices of £4 for a return journey! Value of that magnitude speaks for itself.


So, it would seem that if you are looking to take an airport transfer from London to either Luton, Stansted or Gatwick airport, easyBus is the way to! We deliver a less stressful, better equipped, more adaptable and cheaper service than any train provider. Train airport transfers are dead; long live easyBus!

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