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Can not print my tickets !?

The most common problem, if you cannot print tickets, is that you may have the Pop up Blocker switched on. When you click print tickets a new pop up window appears showing your tickets and an option to print. In Internet explorer click tools> pop up blocker. Switch it off for this site and you will then be able to print your tickets.

The other second common issue is tickets are printed on two pages. A large number of new printers have the option to print the content of web pages on one page. Please make sure your print setting are correctly set.

To reprint a ticket you need to select the booking from my bookings and choose option 2 - print tickets for the selected booking ...from the menu below.

The other alternative is to print tickets in Adobe pdf format if you have the option and then print the tickets.

If you still have problems please do contact us but provide us with all technical information regarding operating system and printer details. We may also send you your tickets in PDF format as a last measure.