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New Routes to Brighton and Stratford

easyBus are pleased to launch two new routes in partnership with National Express. Book now and travel from just £1 for a limited time.


Taxi airport transfers versus Minibus – the easyBus advantage

If you want to get from Central London to Gatwick, Stansted or Luton airport, easyBus is the only sensible choice, especially when compared to taxis.


How to get to Stansted Airport

Some 22.8 million people pass through Stansted Airport every year, making it the third busiest airport in the UK. Here at easyBus, we offer two convenient ways to get to Stansted and both journeys are direct, meaning you won’t have to make any annoying stops along the way. You can simply sit back, relax and enjoy your journey to the airport.

Here’s how you can get to Stansted Airport cheaply and easily.

Stansted airport blog snippet

From Baker Street

The Baker Street pick-up point, in London’s West End, is nice and easy to get to, as it is close to both Baker Street Underground and Marylebone Railway station. Moreover, Baker Street Underground station also benefits from connections to the Bakerloo, Circle, Metropolitan, Jubilee and Hammersmith and City lines. No matter where you’re coming from, you should be able to get to this pick-up point fairly easily.

To find the pick-up point from the station, simply take the Marylebone exit when leaving, and then turn right. Keep walking until you pass Glenworth Street and reach a crossroad. The bus stop you want, which is 19, is outside the Allsop Arms pub, which will be directly in front of you on the opposite side of the road.

Our service from London operates from 3am to 11pm, seven days a week (except Christmas Day), with a bus arriving every 15 minutes.

From Old Street

The pick-up point at Old Street, located in the inner city of Central London, is incredibly simple to reach, thanks to Old Street’s connections to the Northern line and National Rail services. The pick-up point itself couldn’t be closer to the station, so no need to worry about dragging your suitcases all over London. The journey itself only takes an hour – enough time to watch a couple of episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ or plan the first few days of your holiday.

If you’re trying to reach the pick-up point from the station, take the exit at subway four and turn left onto Old Street. You’ll see that bus stop F, which is for pick-ups, is right in front of you.

It’s worth remembering that because our services are frequent, it is sometimes possible to travel on a bus up to 60 minutes either side of your allotted time. This can come in handy if your flight is running late or arrives early. However we can only guarantee you a seat on the bus you booked, and you will only be given a seat on another bus is there are enough spare.

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What is the cheapest way to get to Stansted from London?

You’re all set to go on holiday: you’ve booked the flights, reserved the accommodation, sorted the travel insurance and collected your spending money. You’ve already forked out so much money for your trip, yet there’s one final cost to pay that you may have forgotten – the travel to and from Stansted airport. However, this additional cost needn’t strike fear into your heart, as it doesn’t have to be expensive. It all depends what form of transport to choose to take.

Let’s take a look at your different options if you’re travelling from London.


You could, of course, choose to drive yourself to Stansted Airport, but the high car park fees might put you off. Unless you book in advance (and even then it’s not cheap), then you can expect to pay £18 a day for the privilege of parking in Stansted’s long-stay car park. It may not seem like a lot at first, but it soon adds up, especially if you’re going away for one or even two weeks. For example, a seven-day stint at £18 a day would cost you £126!

The short-stay car park is an even more expensive choice, as you can expect to pay around £140 to leave your car there for a week. Stansted’s Meet and Greet service will set you back about £273 for a holiday of the same length! Ouch.

Plus, there’s the price of petrol to consider, which we all know isn’t cheap these days. Money shouldn’t be your only concern though; if your flight is due to leave early in the morning, there’s little chance you’re going to be awake enough to drive to the airport at 3 am. In fact, doing so could prove to be quite dangerous, so it’s probably best to take another mode of transport.


Although you won’t have to drive yourself, taking a taxi can be just as expensive – if not more so – than taking your own car to Stansted Airport. A one-way journey from Old Street tube station to Stansted could set you back around £61. Even if you split that cost between a couple of other holidaymakers, it’s still a fairly pricey trip.

Stansted Express train

Yes, you guessed it; the airport’s very own Stansted Express train isn’t all that cheap either. If you’re travelling between London Liverpool Street and Stansted Airport, a standard class return ticket will set you back £33.20. The journey is even more expensive if you’re taking children, as a child’s fare will set you back £16.60. It’s not much cheaper to travel to the airport from Stratford or Tottenham Hale either, with standard adult tickets costing £32.80 and £32.00 respectively.


Although not the most expensive option, National Express coaches aren’t the cheapest either. From London Liverpool Street, one-way tickets start from £10, plus a booking fee of £1. A one-way journey from London Victoria, on the other hand, will cost you a minimum of £12. These services aren’t direct ones, either. Terravision charges a similar amount, with prices starting at £9 for a one-way journey between London Victoria and Stansted. A one-way ticket to Stansted from London Liverpool Street will cost you at least £8 and again, it’s not a direct route.


With prices starting at just £2, easyBus really is the cheapest way to get to Stansted Airport. There are two direct routes you can take from London – London City Old Street and Baker Street in the West End.

Baker Street is a popular easyBus route due to its convenient location. The station is connected to almost every tube line in the capital, so it’s easy to get to. Popular tourist attractions, such as Regent’s Park, Buckingham Palace and Bond Street are also located nearby. As it’s a direct route, the bus from Baker Street should only take around one hour and 15 minutes to reach Stansted – just enough time to plan what you’re going to do on the first few days of your holiday.

To find the easyBus stop from Baker Street Underground station, take the Marylebone exit when leaving the station. Once you’re outside, turn right and keep walking until you pass Glenworth Street. You then need to look out for a cross road; when you reach it, you’ll see bus stops S and 19 in front of you. If you’re going to Stansted, you need bus stop 19, which is right outside the Allsop Arms pub.

The Old Street station is a fairly new easyBus route and is also in a great location, right in the center of London. It’s only a short eight minute walk from Liverpool Street station too. From here, the journey to Stansted is somewhat shorter, taking approximately an hour to reach the airport. Again, it’s a direct route, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Finding the easyBus stop is just as straightforward. From Old Street station, exit at subway four and turn left onto Old Street. The bus stops you’ll need, F and G, will be directly in front of you; easy!

Our buses operate between 3 am and 11 pm from London, and you need to ensure you arrive at Stansted at least two hours before your flight is due to leave. Remember that if your plane is due to arrive earlier or later than expected, you can travel on any easyBus up to 60 minutes either side of your booked time – although a free seat isn’t guaranteed.

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How to get to Gatwick Airport

Although going on holiday can be an exciting experience, it can also be a very stressful one too, especially when it comes to planning how exactly you’re going to get to and from the airport. Your dad is busy that weekend, taxis are expensive, and there’s certainly no way you’re going to pay the airport’s outrageous parking fees.

There is one more option you can take though: the bus! It’s cheap, easy and you’ll be able to relax for the whole journey, rather than worrying how much the journey’s going to cost you. You won’t have to fumble around for change on the day either, as you book your tickets in advance. Plus, the further in advance you book your bus ticket, the cheaper it will be – it pays to be prepared.

Where can you get a bus from though? There are several different routes you can take, so here are all the different ways you can get to Gatwick Airport via easyBus.

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport

From Waterloo

Getting to Gatwick Airport from Waterloo is one of the easiest options you can take whether you live in London or not, as the station is so simple to get to. Plus, the easyBus service that runs from here is direct, so it only takes around an hour to arrive at the airport. To find the pickup point, simply exit the station via its main entrance onto York Road. Stick to the left and continue down York Road for about 200 meters. The pick up point will be directly in front of you, not far from the London Eye.

Buses run every 15 and 20 minutes, so you shouldn’t be waiting long to begin your journey to the airport.

From Earl’s Court

If you’re attending an event near Earl’s Court, staying in one of the many hotels it has to offer or simply live closer to this part of London, you can get a similar direct bus service from here instead. The whole journey takes around one hour and five minutes, and can take you to either the North or South terminal. Seeing as there are no stops, you can sit back and relax. In fact, easyBus runs the only direct service from Gatwick North to London.

Buses run between 3 am and 11 pm from London, so no matter what time your flight is, you should be able to find a service that suits you. The pick-up point is located about 200 meters west of West Brompton Underground Station, and 500 meters from Earl’s Court Underground’s Warwick Road exit. Just look for bus stop BB outside the Hotel Ibis.

From Victoria

The service operating between Victoria Coach Station and Gatwick South Terminal is a stopping service, so you can be picked up from either Vauxhall Park, Stockwell or Streatham, in addition to the coach station. Instead of an easyBus bus, this time you should be on the lookout for a National Express coach, thanks to a partnership between the two firms.

Victoria Coach Station is just a short walk from Victoria Underground Station. To find it, leave the main exit, which is located on Buckingham Palace Road. Head towards Eccleston Street and you’ll see the bus station is located on the right-hand side of the road, on the corner of Buckingham Palace Road and Elizabeth Street. You’ll be looking for an A3 or O25 National Express coach in either Bay 8 or Bay 9.

If you’d prefer to be picked up at Vauxhall Park Bus Stations, exit Vauxhall Underground tube station and turn left towards Bondway, continuing down the road. Keep walking until you see Parry Street on your left, turn onto it, before turning right onto South Lambeth Road. You should see both bus stops directly in front of you – you need stop V.

Stockwell Bus Stations, on the other hand, can be found by taking a short walk from Stockwell Underground Station. Exit the station and head north-east on Claphead Road towards Binfield Road. Stick to the left and turn onto South Lambeth Road. There are bus stops just up ahead, and you should head to stop A.

If you’re being picked up in Streatham, you’ll want to head to Streatham High Road. To get there from Streatham Train Station, exit it and head north on Streatham High Road towards Station Approach. Bus stop O should be located to your left, but you’ll need bus stop NA. To get there, simply cross the road directly across from O. The walk from the station should take you around 11 minutes in total, so make sure you leave enough time to find the bus stop.

Depending on which stop you’re getting on, it should take you around an hour and a half or less to get to Gatwick using this route, but journey lengths differ according to which time you’re travelling, so check before you book.

It really is easy to get to Gatwick from London via bus, especially as there are so many different routes to choose from. When booking your travel arrangements, don’t forget to try and arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight, to allow for any complications you might endure. It’s worth remembering that your easyBus ticket can be used on the next available bus, up to 60 minutes either side of your booked time, should your flight be running earlier or later than expected.

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Don’t park, just ride: choose easyBus over airport transfers by car

Planning the airport commute for your holiday will often be one of the last things on your mind, leading to your choice of transportation generally being limited to the most obvious choice: travelling by car. However, the easiest, most obvious choice is not necessarily the best; and at easyBus we staunchly believe that out service offers a superior alternative to the other modes of transport so often considered for a similar role.

We have previously covered the superiority of easyBus over taxis, and other forms of viable transportation for airport transfer, in previous blogs, and while arguably the most popular present choice for airport transfers, we know that we provide a more efficient, better value service on the routes that we cover.

Environmentally friendly

By its very nature, an airport transfer by car is an environmentally irresponsible act; you and perhaps a small number of other people are producing a disproportionately large amount of green house gases, especially when compared to the alternative options available to you for the same journey. Making the journey to and from the airport in an easyBus coach or bus spreads the carbon cost between many different commuters. The superior knowledge and experience of our drivers also ensures that the most efficient, fastest route is chosen, no matter what obstacles or delays come up in the course of the journey; ensuring that your airport transfer is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Cost effective

As well as providing a more environmentally sound service, utilizing easyBus’ fleet of coaches and minibuses for your airport transfer will also save you money, when compared to the cost of utilizing a car for the same purpose. The most reasonable measure of cost-to-distance for a car journey is the government mileage and fuel allowance; which takes into account fuel costs, as well as wear and tear on the car itself. Currently, the rate is 45p a mile. The distance between Earls Court and Gatwick airport (one of our primary routes) is 26.7 miles; so a general cost for a car based airport transfer on this route would be £12.01 one way; or £24.02 with a return journey, ignoring parking costs; which admittedly, really isn’t too bad.

However, with easyBus you get an even better deal; if you book early enough in advance, coach or minibus transfers will set you back just £2, or £4 with a return; a saving of just over 71%! Of course, if you were to take into account parking costs, as well as the additional petrol used while looking for a space, the savings are even higher!

More secure

An additional advantage of utilizing our services instead of conducting your airport transfers by car, is that we provide you extra security, as our service allows you to leave your car in a secure location of your own choosing, while we convey you to and from the airport. After all, you don’t want the safety and security of your car to be at the back of your mind throughout your entire holiday; it’s supposed to be a relaxing time after all! Between July 2013 and July 2014, 16 motor vehicle crimes were committed in Heathrow airport alone; crimes which include thefts of and from cars; indicating that it would almost certainly be safer at home! While this statistic doesn’t sound massively high, it hardly seems worth the risk when you could pay less money for absolute certainty of your car’s safety.

Less hassle than hiring

Of course, the other option open to those looking to make an airport transfer by car is car hire. While this may, in some respects, seem like the best of both worlds, the service that we offer here at easyBus still offers numerous benefits over the usage of airport car hire. As with the usage of a personally owned vehicle, the costs of an easyBus airport transfer that has been booked in advance massively undercuts the cheapest rental service; you just can’t top our value!

Add in the fact that you are still culpable for both the condition of the rental car for the duration of your time with it, and for finding the fastest most efficient route to the airport, and it quickly becomes apparent that easyBus will charge you less money, for much less hassle.


So there you have it, easyBus trumps airport transfers by car by being kinder to the environment, your car and your wallet! Book your coach or minibus airport transfers today!

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Coach airport transfers vs the minibus – the easyBus advantage

Planning for a holiday can be an especially stressful experience; it can sometimes feel that the relaxation of the holiday itself has been directly offset by all of the sleepless nights spent organising it in the first place!

That’s why, when it comes to making airport transfers from central London to Gatwick, Luton or Stansted airport, you’ll want it to be as quick and easy to book as possible. After-all, if you’ve got a long flight coming up imminently, or you’ve just weathered one prior to your airport transfer, you’ve likely got enough on your plate.

Jump on the coach?

One of the more common solutions to this problem that people will often suggest is coach travel; easy to book, very few stops, and generally fairly reasonably priced.

In fact, it’s fair to say that for most routes all of the above is true. However, for the aforementioned central London to Gatwick, Luton or Stansted airports route, coach airport transfers can also have a few drawbacks.

easyBus_image_snippet_for_blogOn the scale of value

A commonly held belief about airport transfers by coach is that they offer the best value for money.

Indeed, a quick look on the website of one of Britain’s leading coach travel services shows that, if you wished to take a journey from Baker Street in central London to Stansted airport, you’d be looking at a ticket price of ten pounds sterling; which is of course an excellent price

If you decided to take your custom to easyBus instead, for the same route, you’d end up playing exactly the same price… if you purchased the ticket from the bus driver, on the day. However, if you instead planned ahead, with an aim to lessen the stress of holiday travel, and save yourself some money into the bargain, easyBus offers you a far superior deal.

If you know what you’re doing you can fully book your minibus airport transfer in less than two minutes, and the earlier you book, the cheaper your journey will be. The absolute cheapest one way airport transfer price we offer is two pounds, a 500% saving over our competitors!


Another way in which airport transfers are often sold to the public is through a combination of comfort and directness. When utilising a coach for airport transfer, you expect a quick, efficient journey; sat in plush, comfortable, air-conditioned seats, with curtains on the windows, and even lighting for late night or evening journeys.

At easyBus we’ll also get you from A to B comfortably, but we are also aware that your main concerns are speed and efficiency. After all, you heading to, or coming back from, a well-earned holiday; you want your airport transfer to be as quick and painless as possible. Our minibuses are comfortable, featuring similar outfitting to the aircraft that you’re either being carried away from or to.

In essence, we differ from coach services in that our aim is to deliver comfort and speed at an affordable price, as opposed to larger capacity and excessive, unneeded features.

On the aforementioned Stansted airport to Baker Street route, our estimated time shaves 15 minutes off our competitor’s, and you can be rest-assured that a mini-bus is better equipped to deal with last minute traffic jam or accident avoidance; the size of our fleet is far better suited to taking side roads and shortcuts than the competing full sized coaches.

When you want fast, efficient, comfortable and reliable airport transfers from Stansted, Luton or Gatwick airport to central London, or vice versa, easyBus had got you covered.


London Tourism Guide – Fun Things to do in London

London Tourism Guide – Things to do in London

When you visit London for the first time, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the things the capital has to offer you. From museums, to historic monuments, to shopping, to theatres, you really are spoilt for choice. So where do you start and what can you simply not miss?