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EasyBus Limited offers low cost airport transfers in UK from central London to Gatwick, Luton or Stanstead and is part of the easyGroup.  Further information on the services offered can be found on the website  http://www.easybus.com/en/.

Easybus currently operates a fleet of up to 96 minbuses which are licensed to carry 13 passengers.  The Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2000 (“the Regulations”) requires public service vehicles which can carry 22 or more passengers to make various adjustment to assist in the accessibility of the services to disabled passengers.  The minibuses operated by easyBus fall outside the scope of the Regulations however, its Directors realise the importance of providing accessible transport to all.  Therefore, easyBus is pleased to announce that a review of its policies and procedures has been undertaken and alterations to its policies and procedures have been introduced in order to assist wheelchair users using the services offered.

The changes to the policy can be found on the easyBus website (http://www.easybus.com/en/travel-information/special-assistance) and have already been implemented.  It is considered that the changes comply with all relevant legislation including the Equality Act 2010 and all other applicable legislation within the UK.

In summary the changes will include the carrying of wheelchairs as luggage.  However, due to the restrictions imposed on easyBus by the construction of the minibuses operated it will only be possible to carry wheelchairs which can be folded or other dismantled so that they can be stored within the luggage space or in the space of 2 normal passenger seats.  EasyBus will also where necessary provided suitably trained staff to assist with the transfer of the user into the minibus.  Both these services will be provided at no extra cost to the user.

Ms Faryal Velmi, Director of Transport for All, a charity that champions accessible transport in London says: “No-one should be turned down from using transport services because they are a wheelchair user.  We hope that EasyBus’ change in policy will enable more wheelchair users to travel with the same freedom and independence as everyone else”.