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It’s fair to say that you’re not at your best when commuting, especially when the commute is either directly pre- or post-holiday. Indeed, the relative excitement or exhaustion can make it very tempting to make a lazy choice when it comes to transportation.

You know when you have to either check in, or roughly when you’ll be arriving back in country, but it’s still all too easy to avoid applying any real forward planning to how to get to and from the airport.

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Millions of holidaymakers travelling from UK airports have no idea where on the map they are flying out to, according to a new poll. For example, a quarter of Britons who holidayed in Spain did not know where it was, according to British Airways Holidays' study of 2,000 adults who travelled abroad last year.

More than half (53%) of UK tourists who visited Cyprus had no inkling where it is in reality – often mistaking it with mainland Greece. Nearly one in third (31%) people couldn’t locate Portugal’s whereabouts, confusing it with France on the map instead. The Netherlands baffled 36% of those who visited there in 2012 as they also couldn’t find it on the map, selecting Denmark as its home.

In addition, France was the most common location to be chosen in favour of Germany and Greece, which 22% and 29% couldn’t place respectively. Almost a quarter (24%) of adults who visited Ireland last year could not place where it was in Europe, thinking they were in the UK or Spain instead. Claire Bentley spokeswoman for British Airways Holidays, said: “We know that cost and temperature is often the most important factor for adults wanting to book a holiday, but 23% of our respondents admitted they would never think to look at where it is on the map before booking.”

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The August bank holiday weekend will see an estimated 1.8 million holidaymakers head off from the UK to overseas hotspots, with Spain the top destination for Britons. Particularly popular are Spain's Balearic and Canary Islands, while Barcelona is also a popular choice for people taking a long-distance break from August 23-26.

The figures for those flying off come from Abta, the Association of British Travel Agents, a body for tour operators and travel agents. Other overseas countries which Britons have set their sights on are France, the Greek islands and Turkey, but other top break destinations - in cities - include Paris, New York, Berlin, Dublin and Amsterdam. In England, airports have issued their figures for passengers expected to fly out. They amount to 425,000 from London's Heathrow Airport, 255,000 from Gatwick, 125,000 fromStansted Airport, 70,000 from Luton Airport, and 15,000 from Southend in Essex, so airports in south east England can expect a very busy weekend. The bank holiday weekend is always one of the busiest of the year as people fly off to make the most of the end of their summer holidays, said Mark Tanzer, the chief executive of Abta.

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Air passengers could soon benefit from faster internet under new plans revealed by Ofcom.

The communications regulator is considering the introduction of high-speed broadband on flights, which is 10 times faster than the speed currently available. If the proposals go ahead as planned, operators at airports in the UK, including the likes of Stansted and Luton, would be able to use the technology from early next year. Ofcom believes business users and holidaymakers who want to stay connected while travelling would benefit from the move.

Long-haul operators in the country are not expected to take part in the consultation process, although they may use the technology if demand warrants it. The regulator cites “increasing interest” in broadband use on moving vehicles as a reason for the proposals. In the document, called Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms, Ofcom also outlines intentions to introduce high-speed Wi-Fi on ships and trains.

Virgin has welcomed the move to significantly increase browsing speeds on planes, claiming it is all for any development "to enhance customer experience”. A spokesman for the airline added: “Our current focus is a Wi-Fi trial across some of our long-haul flights, which we hope to roll out more widely next year.”

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