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Bulgaria-bound travellers flying through Sofia Airport can look forward to the best value in the world, new cost-comparison figures reveal. The Bulgarian capital offered the cheapest trip abroad among 49 world cities for holidaymakers wanting a one-night stay in a four-star hotel with meal and cocktails for two. This is according to statistics from TripAdvisor.

Many holidaymakers can fly from South-East England airports this summer. Visitors looking for transfers from Sofia Airport won't have to break the bank either. There is a shuttle bus service that connects the first terminal with the city centre and the largest residential area of Lyulin. You can be shuttled from the airport to your hotel for a fixed rate of three euros (£2.55).

A Sofia one-night stay for two people cost £104. Second cheapest destination was Hanoi in Vietnam (£115), followed by Warsaw in Poland (£123), Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt (£125.45) and Budapest in Hungary (£127). A similar stay in the most costly location surveyed - Oslo in Norway - was as high as £381. TripAdvisor spokesman Angus Struthers said the list shows that Asia is the most affordable continent, while Europe is the most expensive. But he added that some European cities, such as Sofia, Warsaw and Budapest, are increasingly bucking this trend.

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