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Christmas time. Mistletoe and wine. Millions hunting for cheap flights online.

As the festivities creep closer, many of us are starting to get in the Christmas spirit (despite the fact that our Halloween masks and decorations haven't been put away yet!). It's also around this time that we start planning how we're going to get home for Christmas - important preparation, especially for those who need to fly in order to pull crackers, exchange gifts and tuck into mum or dad's famous roast spuds on December 25th.

So when's the best time to book your Christmas flight tickets to or from London? RIGHT NOW, literally. Price comparison site Skyscanner.net recently revealed that booking in early November can save you a solid eight per cent on your flight.

But if you're going to save a little, you might as well try and save a lot, right?

To and from the airport

Whether you'll be taking off or landing in Gatwick, Stansted or Luton this year, you'll need to arrange transport between the house and the airport. If you're looking to save money but were thinking of getting a train to/from the airport, think again. Returns from Central London to Gatwick Airport will set you back £31.05, with returns to Stansted Airport costing even more at £32.80. Besides, can you imagine trying to squeeze all the presents you're taking home into overhead luggage compartments? It'll be chaos.

It might normally be a route you'd drive, but driving's certainly not the cheapest deal either. High car park fees can set you back a pretty penny, while rising petrol prices can leave your wallet feeling strained (especially after buying all of those presents). And let's not forget that by securing a well-priced flight you're probably not travelling at your preferred time - who wants to have to pack the car up with luggage and then have to get behind the wheel and head out on the road at 3am? You might be too bleary-eyed to drive.

Listen - it'll be Christmas; you'll be on holiday; let someone else do the driving and save yourself a few quid at the same time! With prices starting at £2, easyBus offers the cheapest way to get to Gatwick, Stansted or Luton from Central London - allowing you to save up to 91 per cent compared to train fares. As services run every 15 minutes whether it's early morning or late-evening, there's no skimping on convenience, either. Pick up and drop off points are located at key London Underground stations.

Cheap flights

Forget heading out in the cold to go and chat to a travel agent - price comparison sites are by far the easiest route to finding the cheapest flight. Of course, what can be considered a cheap flight depends on just how far you've got to travel home this Christmas!

The aforementioned Skyscanner.net is a great place to start, but if you're looking for cheap flights, where better to head than Cheapflights.co.uk? It does exactly what it says on the tin - amalgamating some of the biggest airlines' prices and flight schedules into one handy list.

We might be a tad biased, but if you're flying to/from a European country you could always just head to easyJet.com. There are great deals all year round, but the low-cost tickets are especially welcome at Christmas time.

It's well worth saving that extra bit of dough this time of year - you can put it towards extra presents or treat yourself to new Christmas jumper! By booking your travel early you can not only save up to eight per cent on flights and get your airport travel for just £2, but you'll also beat the rush later; when everyone else is scouring around for last-minute cheap flights only to find there aren't any, you'll be at home enjoying the mistletoe and wine.