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How to get to Stansted Airport

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Some 22.8 million people pass through Stansted Airport every year, making it the third busiest airport in the UK. Here at easyBus, we offer two convenient ways to get to Stansted and both journeys are direct, meaning you won't have to make any annoying stops along the way. You can simply sit back, relax and enjoy your journey to the airport.

Here's how you can get to Stansted Airport cheaply and easily.

Flying home for Christmas? How to secure the cheapest travel deals

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Christmas time. Mistletoe and wine. Millions hunting for cheap flights online.

As the festivities creep closer, many of us are starting to get in the Christmas spirit (despite the fact that our Halloween masks and decorations haven't been put away yet!). It's also around this time that we start planning how we're going to get home for Christmas - important preparation, especially for those who need to fly in order to pull crackers, exchange gifts and tuck into mum or dad's famous roast spuds on December 25th.

So when's the best time to book your Christmas flight tickets to or from London? RIGHT NOW, literally. Price comparison site Skyscanner.net recently revealed that booking in early November can save you a solid eight per cent on your flight.

But if you're going to save a little, you might as well try and save a lot, right?

Coach airport transfers vs the minibus - the easyBus advantage

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Planning for a holiday can be an especially stressful experience; it can sometimes feel that the relaxation of the holiday itself has been directly offset by all of the sleepless nights spent organising it in the first place!

That’s why, when it comes to making airport transfers from central London to Gatwick, Luton or Stansted airport, you’ll want it to be as quick and easy to book as possible. After-all, if you’ve got a long flight coming up imminently, or you’ve just weathered one prior to your airport transfer, you’ve likely got enough on your plate.

Off the rails: train airport transfers vs easyBus

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There’s a lot to remember when you’re planning a holiday, from making sure that you’ve packed all of the correct luggage, to ensuring that you’ve remembered which flight to take, and which hotel you’re staying at.

It’s in no way surprising that transportation to and from the airport is often overlooked by holidaymakers; it’s understandably a bit of an afterthought when compared with the other monumentally important holiday related choices that are involved in the process.

Taxi airport transfers versus Minibus - the easyBus advantage

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It’s fair to say that you’re not at your best when commuting, especially when the commute is either directly pre- or post-holiday. Indeed, the relative excitement or exhaustion can make it very tempting to make a lazy choice when it comes to transportation.

You know when you have to either check in, or roughly when you’ll be arriving back in country, but it’s still all too easy to avoid applying any real forward planning to how to get to and from the airport.