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Millions of holidaymakers travelling from UK airports have no idea where on the map they are flying out to, according to a new poll. For example, a quarter of Britons who holidayed in Spain did not know where it was, according to British Airways Holidays' study of 2,000 adults who travelled abroad last year.

More than half (53%) of UK tourists who visited Cyprus had no inkling where it is in reality – often mistaking it with mainland Greece. Nearly one in third (31%) people couldn’t locate Portugal’s whereabouts, confusing it with France on the map instead. The Netherlands baffled 36% of those who visited there in 2012 as they also couldn’t find it on the map, selecting Denmark as its home.

In addition, France was the most common location to be chosen in favour of Germany and Greece, which 22% and 29% couldn’t place respectively. Almost a quarter (24%) of adults who visited Ireland last year could not place where it was in Europe, thinking they were in the UK or Spain instead. Claire Bentley spokeswoman for British Airways Holidays, said: “We know that cost and temperature is often the most important factor for adults wanting to book a holiday, but 23% of our respondents admitted they would never think to look at where it is on the map before booking.”

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