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You might think that airport passengers would be too busy to settle down and watch the latest Will Smith Hollywood blockbuster or Jennifer Aniston rom-com. However, asked to name the facility they would most desire in their dream airport, almost half (49%) of travellers polled would opt for an on-site cinema as their number one choice.

Sleeping pods finished in second place, with more than one in three of those quizzed desperate for a spot to rest their weary jet-lagged heads, according to a global survey of 10,000 flyers by Skyscanner. Despite the current popularity of Kindles and iPads, many travellers remain attached to the classic paperback novel, with 32% of travellers backing the idea of an airport library. A park proved the fourth most popular facility, with 31% of travellers pining for a bit of green space amid the airport’s glass and steel atria to help relax them as they wile away the hours waiting for connecting flights.

In fifth place in passengers’ dream airport plans is a vanity area including a salon and spa, enabling fliers to pamper themselves with beauty treatments before they step foot on a plane. Other suggestions for dream airport facilities include a gym, with 15% of fliers keen to tone up their holiday body before they take to the skies, and a karaoke area to let anxious fliers relieve their stress with a song.

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