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Go Green with easyBus

It is unquestionably undeniable that the world that we live in is facing climate change due to CO2 pollution and inefficient management of energy consuming element. Transport medium is one key contributor to Carbon Dioxide production. We recognise the changes and we are totally committed to reducing our carbon footprint at the same time enabling YOU to reduce your carbon footprint through the provision of an efficient low cost transport alternative.

Our airport transfers service offering today uses a modern low carbon emission fleet of buses with an average age of less than 4 Years. More than 66% of our buses meet Euro 4 emission standards whilst remaining are Euro 3 standards. In addition we operate with a high load capacity due to the size of the buses, making us a low carbon emission producer per carried passenger.

You can also help us by travelling and using our Airport transfer bus service instead of driving to the airport, instead of using high fuel consuming coaches and encouraging others to experience our value for money easyBus services. So when next travelling to London Gatwick, London Stansted, London Luton try Green easyBus.

Our commitment

  • We aim to operate only Euro 4 standard buses within 2 years
  • We will minimize our fuel consumptions through committed driver training and idle time caps
  • We will make use of biofuels whereever possible
  • We will expand our services to you to help us achieve our common objective