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Holidays to Malta have seen the smallest increase in price of all trips within the Commonwealth, it has been revealed

The cost of a week-long holiday in Malta has risen by only £1 over the last year, figures from M&S Money showed.

The study of 10 Commonwealth countries showed that, including flights from airports such as Heathrow and Stansted, Cyprus (£1,199) had the lowest total costs, with Malta next (£1,230) and Kenya third (£1,435).

The most expensive destination was Singapore (£2,662) followed by New Zealand (£2,206).

Excluding flights, Kenya was the best-value destination, followed by Cyprus, South Africa and Malta.

Kenya's excluding-flight figure of £998 came despite a rise of 13.65% in costs in the East Africa country in the last 12 months.

Costs were also up more than 8% in New Zealand and Barbados but rose only 0.08% in Malta and were less than 1.5% up in Cyprus, South Africa and Canada.

Jane Lawson, head of travel money at M&S Money, said: "In the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year many people will be tempted to follow in the footsteps of the Royal Family and see what the Commonwealth has to offer.

"Luckily, favourable exchange rates and lower inflation mean many countries in the Commonwealth offer great value for money."