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Most women who diet before heading off on holiday aim to lose an average of more than half a stone in weight, a survey has shown. 

Travel agent Sunshine revealed that up to 67% of women questioned embarked on diets before taking a break. 

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Only 9% of the 1,614 people asked said they did not make a special effort to improve or change their appearance before their holiday. 

The study focused on women aged over 21 who had been on holiday during the last two years. 

Results showed that 48% had used fake tan or a sunbed to look their best before departing from Heathrow, Gatwick or one of the UK's other airports.

Also, 39% had their hair cut or dyed, 24% went in for waxing and 22% had a manicure.

Those who went in for pre-holiday preparations of this kind spent an average of £162 on treatments, the poll found.

Sunshine co-founder Chris Brown said: "I was quite surprised that around two-thirds diet before going away. After all, holidays are all about indulgence and you normally put a bit of weight on during your break anyway.

"With this in mind, it could be argued that the dieting is probably best left until after the holiday.

"Getting bronzed and beautified is obviously a very important part of the pre-holiday process for women to feel confident before they get away, and the fact only 9% said they didn't do anything at all before they went away just goes further to strengthen this point."

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