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Heathrow Airport could operate more night-time flights in future, in conjunction with the UAE based airline company Emirates Airline.

The airline proposes to use their quieter Airbus A380s for overnight operations, which would increase the capacity of the airport and give customers more choice of when they'd like to fly.

The super jumbo airplane fleet may lessen noise pollution close to the airport, as it is capable of a steeper landing descent than other airplanes.

Emirates is planning its new aircraft schedules as part of its plan to increase co-operation with the UK Government.

A review of the UK’s government aviation policy is due to start taking initial responses in the summer.

Presently, Gatwick Airport and Stansted Airport conduct significantly more flights per night, at 50 and 32 respectively, compared to the 15 which Heathrow is authorised to fly during the summer season, which commences in April and runs until October.

Emirates Airline is also proposing to fly seven rather than five flights to Dubai, UAE and to increase its operating hours out of the airport.

The noise regulations for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports were all set to expire in October 2012, but have recently been extended to expire in October 2014.

Earlier, UK aviation minister, Theresa Villiers, said in a statement:"As a first step to replace the current regime in 2014, we will launch a first-stage consultation later this year which will seek detailed evidence of the effectiveness of the current regime including costs and benefits and airlines’ fleet replacement plans."

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