What is EasyTrip Request™?

EasyBus® is the undisputed leader in Field Trip Management and EasyTrip Request™ is the most powerful online trip request software available on the market.

The old system of sending requests by fax, phone, and snail-mail can quickly become a convoluted mess for transportation to attempt to weed out.

The Old Way

Multiple Pages

Did all the forms make it to the right person? Were the correct budget codes selected, or has the volleyball team just accidentally charged a trip to the debate team? Did my paper request make it to the transportation department at all; and if so, can they read it?

Whether using carbon-copy paper, ordering a bus by phone, or playing fax-machine tag, trip requests can be very stressful and cumbersome when it comes to gathering and confirming all permissions and pertinent information in time for the trip.

The New Way - Using EasyTrip™ Online Request!

With EasyTrip Request, your requests will move through your approval process in a much more timely, organized fashion.

Simply fill out the electronic request form and submit! The layout of the form is based on the paper transportation request you are already familiar with:

Trip Request Sample

Through the use of required fields, pre-filtered lists, and auto-linked budget codes, EasyTrip Request can ensure that each request is 100% complete before it is submitted to the first approver. When the request is submitted, all of the information is entered correctly and perfectly legible to everyone!


Once submitted, your request will automatically follow the approval process as directed by your organization. No more guessing or worrying about where to send the form!

Because it is submitted electronically, the request instantly arrives on the screen of the approver; no need to wait for the form to be faxed or mailed. The approver is notified by email when there is a request awaiting their approval.

Every step of the way, you will be notified via email as to the status of your request. Once transportation approves the trip, it is scheduled, assigned, and ready for billing to the appropriate budget area or group. Want to know exactly where your request is right now? Simply log in. The status of all of your current requests will appear right on the Home page.

Enjoy your trip!

EasyTrip™ Online Trip Request Features:

  • The most powerful , fully customizable online trip request software available
  • Easily allows for individual requestors to request trips for maximum efficiency
  • Allows for requestors to save trips as “favorites” for easy re-request
  • Automatic Approval Chains can be set up for maximum accountability
  • Automatic Budget Code assignment to specific departments, activities, or users
  • Fully customizable approval paths, request forms, and requirements
  • Black out specific date ranges and time frames and allow for exceptions
  • Allows users to have multiple roles (e.g. - a teacher who is also a coach)
  • Set up required fields and eliminate issues with missing information
  • Requestors (not just departments) receive automatic E-Mail notifications and confirmations
  • Hosted Online Solution
  • Fully Integrates with EasyTrip™ Enterprise Field Trip Management Software
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