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Politica e Linee guida per cancellazioni e modifiche:

Our airport transfer price offering is based on seat availability at the time of the booking for a selected service and therefore we are not able to offer ability to change the time or date of the booking currently. You can change your booking only by cancelling your existing booking and rebooking on the desired new service. You will be credited with the base fare amount paid for your previous booking and you will be able to use the same for the new booking.

Le cancellazioni sono ammesse solo se effettuate prima dell’inizio del viaggio. È prevista una tariffa di cancellazione che è pari al 50% del valore del biglietto (al netto della commissione sulla carta).

Quanto resta del prezzo del biglietto ti verrà accreditato sul conto easyBus e potrà essere usato per acquistare altri biglietti su easyBus. Tale credito ha scadenza un anno dalla data dell’accredito. 

However seat availability and pricing may have changed. We cannot guarantee that price would be the same. You may need to pay the difference between the old and the new fare . Any unused credit will remain on your account for future use for 12 months if the fare difference is in your favour. Please Do NOT make the new booking before cancelling the original booking. The policy applies to all changes including changes in number of seats.

We do not refund the credit card processing fees as a result of cancellations nor make cash refunds. All credits will be available for use for a period of 12 months from cancellation. Any unused credit will not be available beyond this period.

To cancel a booking please select my account, log in to see your existing bookings. Please note you will need to repeat the process for each journey.

Please note :

We do not make cancellation charges.
We do not offer cash or credit card refunds.
Fares paid on all cancelled bookings are credited to your account and available for future bookings within 12 months of date of credit.
We do not give refunds or credit easyBus accounts to passengers who miss their booked easyBus (for any reason whatsoever) and are unable or decide not to travel on the next available service.
We are not responsible for the consequences of airline delays, flight reschedules, flight rerouting or flight cancellations.
We only allow cancellations prior to the day of travel.