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What fares do you charge?

Online Booking and Payment (over the internet)

Online easyBus fares start at £2 one way with varying one way fare depending on the route.

Some return fares are capped dependent on the route you select and it will only apply where the total fares exceed the maximum for the route giving you great value. However depending on your time of journey two trips may be lower than the return fare in which case you will enjoy even bigger discount. (For example if the system quotes London - Gatwick Airport @ £4 and Gatwick Airport - London @ £6 then the return fare is £10 which is lower than published capped return fare of £13.99

We do state "From £2 one way" and "Subject To Availability" on the website and in our advertising.

Please note that £2 fares are not available on all departure times and there is a limited number of £2 seats available on selected departures.

We follow the low cost airline principle of "the earlier you book the less you pay". There are so many seats at £2, £4, £6, £7, £8. When all the £2 seats are sold, we sell the £4 seats. When the £4 seats are all sold we sell the £6 seats and so on. This means that as seats are sold the price goes up.

The system charges all the passengers in the same booking the same fare. So for example if there were 2 seats at £2 available and 2 seats at £4 each then the system charges 4 seats at £4 (a total of £16). It does NOT charge 2 @ £2 and 2 @ £4 (a total of 12).

Thus groups of passengers may find it cheaper to split the group up into smaller parties (for example a group of 6 may find it cheaper as 3 parties of 2 passengers) and make separate bookings for each party.

Children (aged 3 and over), students and senior citizens all pay the same fare as adults. One Child under 3 years of age may travel free of charge if accompanied by a passenger over the age of 16. The child will not be entitled to a seat. Additional children under the age of 3 require a paid for booking to travel on easyBus services.

Due to the competitive fares easyBus offers, easyBus is not able to offer group discount nor discount to easyJet passengers.

Walk Up fares (Pay the Ticket Desk)

If you just turn up and buy at the Airport easyBus ticket desk prevailing walk up fares will apply at non-Internet prices. These may change without notice. Please see the "our prices" page on each route page.

Walk Up Fares (Pay The Driver)

Walk Up and Pay the Driver fares at easyBus fares are only available on the Stansted and Gatwick routes. (Currently £12 per person one way and may change without notice).

Return Fares

We now offer attractive Capped Return fares on most routes. The return fare varies according to the route. Our maximum fare is competitive versus any other operator. If combination of your journey results in total fare less than the capped fare you will enjoy an additional discount.