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Should I purchase travel insurance?

easyBus strongly recommends that all passengers purchase travel insurance from a reputable provider prior to their journey.

easyBus strongly recommends that you take out travel insurance because:

  1. Medical Health Cover Many travellers possess the Emergency Health Insurance Certificate (EHIC). However Form EHIC merely shows that its holder is entitled, in the EU, to free or reduced cost emergency medical cover. Whilst such treatment is available in all EU countries, it is not always free and thus we would always advise the purchase of travel insurance.
  2. Theft or Loss of Personal Valuables The theft or loss of personal effects and valuables can be very distressing and cause considerable disruption to a holiday or travel arrangements.
  3. Transport Delays or Cancellations Carriers (Transport Providers) use their best endeavours to transport you and your luggage to your booked destination at the stated arrival time. Regrettably however there can be delays to all forms of transport which can cause significant disruption. Carriers (Transport providers) are not liable for any delays or consequential losses or costs incurred as a result of late arrival where such circumstances are outside of their control. For example: Unforeseen Traffic Delays / Congestion Accidents Causing Delays on the Service Route Severe Weather Conditions Strike / Industrial Action Air Traffic Control Delays Ground Handling Delays including delays at Immigration, Customs and Passport Control The cost of travel insurance can be a very small price to pay when compared to the costs incurred by a delay that may result for example in an additional overnight stay.