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I received an error message whilst making my booking - what do I do?

If you receive an error message whilst making the booking, then the booking will not be made but please check your account (see above) before making a new booking request.(Please do not make a "double" booking in error as they can not be refunded).

You will have to take the appropriate action prior to making a fresh booking request.

easyBus will endeavour to assist with resolving booking problems but please provide as much detail as possible. Regrettably easyBus can not provide specific reasons for a payment card being declined unless the reason itself is provided in the error message received from the card issuer.

Error Message Unable to send CC: REJ:NOT AUTHORISED

Unable to send Credit Card Rejected Not Authorised.

There could be a number of reasons for this message:

  1. The system timed out whilst the transaction was in progress.
  2. The card has been rejected as one of its details was incorrect
  3. The card provider has rejected the payment request.
  4. The card does not allow online transactions

Action: Retry your booking request. If this fails again (with the same error message) contact the card provider and ask for them to investigate. Please explain that it is for an online transaction and for a relatively small sum.

Error Message Unable to send CC: REJ:Pre Valid Card Decline

Unable to send Credit Card Rejected Pre Valid Card Decline

A pre valid card decline is where a card is attempted to be used before its validity (valid from) date.

Action: Update your card details to show correct date (see below) or use different card.