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My card was authorised but I did not get a booking confirmation?! Have I made a payment?!

For each booking, our system requests authorisation from your card issuer. When that is received from your bank by our system then and only then our system creates a valid booking and a confirmation email is sent you and are redirected instantly to Booking Confirmed! web page. This happens instantaneously most of the time.

We have come across a number of incidences where after your card issuer approves easyBus request, the signal confirming the approval does not reach our booking system and no booking is created as you are not redirected to a booking confirmed page. You have our guarantee you will not be charged by easyBus as there is no booking. This happens - sometimes due to the redirect settings within your browser and sometimes due to time outs between systems.

Unfortunately this does result in a ' hung authorisation' - your card issuer has approved and allocated amount towards easyBus transaction waiting for easyBus to present a valid booking for settlement. This will never happen as there was no booking created. The authorisation does lapse after a few days. Until then on your online banking screen it will continue to appear as an 'allocated amount towards easyBus'. Remember your card issuer will not ask you to pay or settle this amount on your monthly statement. You have our guarantee that we will not charge you for such failed booking attempts without a booking reference.

Please do try again in such circumstances. A booking is only created when you are redirected successfully to easyBus "booking confirmed! "- PRINT TICKETS page.

Before you retry Please check your security settings of your browser. if it is set to "high" the order transmission after authorisation fails. For example -

On the Internet explorer (IE)browser menu - Select Tools -> Select Internet Options -> Select Security -> Select Internet And Select "Medium-high" as the security level. If you have set this to be 'high' then it will not work. For Firefox and Other browsers please consult help tab.

Please read through the following process and determine where your transaction failed. Note that various systems interact - easyBus web application, Netbanx, the payment processor, Fexco currency supplier (for foreign currency transactions) and your card issuer who ever that may be. If the authorisation was not successful or you entered wrong pin/security code and got locked out, you should contact your card issuer. Any other queries please contact us.

The payment process below may help you determine where the issue is for quick solution.

  1. After the login screen and confirmation of our terms and conditions you will be taken to a payment page. Here you are asked to complete your card details.
  2. If you hold a card not issued by UK card issuers you will receive a prompt to pay in card currency. From the drop down you can select currency of payment. The amount shown will be the amount charged by your card issuer.
  3. Once you click on TRANSMIT button, The Netbanx system (our payment processor) contacts your card issuer for authorisation.
  4. A small window will pop up from your card issuer, asking you to complete your security question /pin if you are registered. This is for your own security.
  5. Once correctly completed your card issuer issues an authorisation code to Netbanx. If it does not , it will fail. In that case check with your card issuer. Note there are limited number of attempts you can make with pin/security codes before you get locked out.
  6. Netbanx screen will turn up momentarily stating your authorisation was successful and your card has been billed XX.
  7. Please Be Patient. The screen will redirect you to easyBus page - booking confirmed and there you can print your tickets.
  8. Note we do not collect any monies until you have returned to our website to either the booking confirmation or my bookings page showing your booking in case you select "click to continue" in point 6 above.
  9. You have our guarantee that we will not charge your account without a booking being made.
  10. If no booking appears and due to time out you get redirected to our home page or elsewhere we can assure you that no booking is made. In that case you should try again to rebook.
  11. We can assure you if no booking appears in your account or if you do not get redirected to Booking confirmed page no payment will be charged.