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Bus from Sheffield to Bradford

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Bus Departs - Sheffield | Bus Arrives - Bradford

Sorry. We don't have any departures on the Sheffield to Bradford route departing tomorrow - 26th October, 2021
We may have departures on this route on a different date. Please and we will see what we can find.

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    Useful Information for Sheffield and Bradford

    Get on the bus in Sheffield

    Start your journey in Sheffield. The original Steel City, Sheffield is one place most have heard of, but isn't usually on many travellers' bucket lists. If this is you, you're missing out. It's true, Yorkshire's second city has a bit of an image problem. Its cutlery may be in kitchen drawers the world over, but Sheffield hasn't necessarily reinvented itself in the way that other northern English cities have managed to do. That being said, first-time visitors are more often than not surprised by what they find. Many remark on how they wish they'd discovered the place sooner, and wonder why nobody told them it was here. Why? Sheffielders are too modest; they know their city is wonderful, but they won't tell you so, even though that means getting overlooked more often than not. When pushed, they might mumble something about metal and hills, but they won't tell you about their creative talents, or their museums and art galleries. If the locals mention the city's two universities, they won't brag about their size (30,000 students apiece) or successes (world leaders in industry, engineering and the sciences). They certainly won't talk about the fact that Sheffield is England's National City of Sport, nor that it has a credible claim to being the real ale capital of the world, nor even that it is home to Britain's biggest and best theatre scene outside London. As for telling you how many trees Sheffield has (three times the number of people), or just how close it is to the Peak District (one third of the city lies within this national park, the UK's oldest), you can forget it. But now you're in the know, there can be no more excuses - you'll find there's plenty to discover in "England's largest village".

    Get off the bus in Bradford

    Starting in Sheffield, you can enjoy low fares and a comfortable trip in a modern, well-equipped coach. easyBus.com.. Bradford is a city and metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire in the north of England. With a population of 537,173 to the east its built-up area runs into that of Leeds, while to the west are Pennine valleys, the "Bronte Country". It's notable for the many Victorian mills and other buildings from its industrial heyday, and for its high Asian population: some 27% of residents describe themselves as "Asian", their families mostly originating from Pakistan. Bradford has been a wool-processing town for centuries, but remained small until the 19th century. It then burgeoned as the textile industry evolved from cottage weaving to mass production, related trades such as dyeing and fashion retail developed alongside, and the metal-bashing industries arrived. Bradford sucked in skills and labour: German-Jewish wool merchants and dye-makers, Irish flax and linen workers from County Mayo, and Yorkshire folk drifting away from an agricultural way of life. The population grew ten-fold, with great mill complexes and neo-Gothic public buildings springing up, and appalling squalour and pollution in its teeming streets. A few enlightened industrialists tried to better the conditions of their workforce, such as Titus Salt, but even he eventually despaired of Bradford and created a new model town at nearby Saltaire, now a UNESCO cultural site. In the 20th century there was further immigration from East Europe around the war years, but the largest group of incomers were recruited from Pakistan: the traditional weavers of Mirpur had skills that Bradford sought. They arrived in the 1950s / 60s just in time to watch the textile trade go into long-term decline, unable to compete with cheap imports. The city became tatty, with disused factories crumbling into brownfield sites, and a blighted centre. It began to turn a corner from 1983, with what's now called the National Science and Media Museum creating a tourist destination; film tourism expanded, and there was other urban regeneration. There's still a lot to do.

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