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Bus from Hof to Kiev

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Cheap Bus Tickets from Hof to Kiev

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Journey Summary

Bus Departs - Hof | Bus Arrives - Kiev

Sorry. We don't have any departures on the Hof to Kiev route departing tomorrow - 24th May, 2022
We may have departures on this route on a different date. Please and we will see what we can find.

    Take the Bus Between Hof and Kiev?

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    Useful Information for Hof and Kiev

    Get on the bus in Hof

    Start your journey in Hof. Hof is a city in Upper Franconia in Bavaria. Hof, meaning farm estate, is a very common German place name, but this one is specifically Hof an der Saale. It was destroyed by fire in 1823 and had to be re-built, leading to an attractive unity of Biedermeyer architectural style. In the 20th century it was jokingly referred to as "the Bavarian Siberia" because with an elevation of 500 m it's distinctly cool, and because it was close to the borders with communist East Germany and Czechoslovakia. However this meant it enjoyed special subsidies until the fall of the wall, and it slumped when those were withdrawn after 1990. Tourism is nowadays a major part of the local economy.

    Get off the bus in Kiev

    Starting in Hof, you can enjoy low fares and a comfortable trip in a modern, well-equipped coach. easyBus.com..

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