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Bus from Grenoble to Lille

Bus Tickets from £38.84 with up to 2 Connections Per Day


Cheap Bus Tickets from Grenoble to Lille

easyBus can help you travel from Grenoble to Lille with up to 2 connections per day, and fares from as little as £38.84. We partner with more than 150 bus operators to bring you 1000s of locations you can travel to by bus, at simply great fares.

Journey Summary

Typical Journey Time - 11 h 24 min | Bus Departs - Grenoble | Bus Arrives - Lille | Buses on This Route - Blablabus

Departures on 07 December Show Me the Next Day
08 Dec | 09:00
Grenoble Train Station
12 h 55 min 1 Bus Change

08 Dec | 21:55

Lille Boulevard de Turin
38.84 GBP 1
08 Dec, 09:00 8 Hours, 25 Mins 08 Dec, 17:25 Grenoble Train Station
Paris Gare de Bercy Seine
Change of bus | 1 Hours, 5 Mins layover in Paris Gare de Bercy Seine
08 Dec, 18:30 3 Hours, 25 Mins 08 Dec, 21:55 Paris Gare de Bercy Seine
Lille Boulevard de Turin
mobile-phone M-TICKET (Show QR code upon entering the bus, no need for printed ticket)
38.84 GBP
08 Dec | 22:35
Grenoble Train Station
11 h 24 min 1 Bus Change

09 Dec | 09:59

Lille Boulevard de Turin
43.16 GBP 1
08 Dec, 22:35 7 Hours, 45 Mins 09 Dec, 06:20 Grenoble Train Station
Paris Gare de Bercy Seine
Change of bus | 0 Hours, 40 Mins layover in Paris Gare de Bercy Seine
09 Dec, 07:00 2 Hours, 59 Mins 09 Dec, 09:59 Paris Gare de Bercy Seine
Lille Boulevard de Turin
mobile-phone M-TICKET (Show QR code upon entering the bus, no need for printed ticket)
43.16 GBP

    Take the Bus Between Grenoble and Lille?

    Looking to get from Grenoble to Lille? Take the bus is a great choice and is often the cheapest method of transport. With tickets from as low as £38.84 on this route you are guaranteed great value. We sell tickets on this route with Blablabus.

    Remember. Bus travel is low emission so you’re doing your bit for the environment as well as grabbing a super deal. All our bus operators maintain modern, well equipped fleets, offering comforts including wi-fi, electric outlets, WC, and reclining seats.

    We recommend booking as far in advance as you can in order to secure your seat. Seats on the Grenoble to Lille bus route sell quickly, so to secure a fare as low as £38.84 book now.

    Useful Information for Grenoble and Lille

    Get on the bus in Grenoble

    Start your journey in Grenoble. Grenoble is a city of around 158,000 inhabitants in 2017 (550,000 taking into account the metropolitan area) in the French Alps. The climate is quite cold in winter, with days of snow almost every year. Summers are known to be hot, as mountains surrounding the town stop any wind. Grenoble is crossed by two rivers, the Drac and the Isère ("the lion and the serpent"), and is surrounded by three mountain chains, the Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne. The city is renowned for its universities on the campus, for its scientific research centres in the northeast of the city, including Minatec for nanotechnologies, CEA the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, a French National Centre for Scientific Research agency, the European Synchrotron for high-brilliance source of X-rays, the Institut Laue-Langevin for the most powerful source of neutron in the world, the EMBL the Europe's flagship laboratory for the life sciences, and for its industrial centre in the western suburbs: Meylan, Montbonnot and Crolles including high-tech companies such as STmicroelectronics and Motorola. Therefore, it hosts a relatively large population of foreign scientists and students.

    Get off the bus in Lille

    Starting in Grenoble, you can be in Lille in just 11 h 24 min with Blablabus. Book today from just £38.84 with easyBus.com.. Lille (Dutch: Rijsel) is the capital of the Hauts-de-France region in northern France and the core of one of the largest metropolitan agglomerations in the country. Historically, it has also been the capital of Flanders, and later an industrial powerhouse, thanks to which it now boasts a large and handsome historic centre. Today, it is known as a major economic and academic centre, with a very large student population. Situated at the literal crossroads of Europe, Lille is within a 90-minute train ride from Paris, Brussels and London.

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