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Bus from Edinburgh to Sheffield

Bus Tickets from £20.99 with up to 4 Connections Per Day


Cheap Bus Tickets from Edinburgh to Sheffield

easyBus can help you travel from Edinburgh to Sheffield with up to 4 connections per day, and fares from as little as £20.99. We partner with more than 150 bus operators to bring you 1000s of locations you can travel to by bus, at simply great fares.

Journey Summary

Typical Journey Time - 5 h 30 min | Bus Departs - Edinburgh | Bus Arrives - Sheffield | Buses on This Route - , Megabus

Departures on 05 July Show Me the Next Day
06 Jul | 10:45
Edinburgh Bus Station
9 h 10 min 1 Bus Change

06 Jul | 19:55

Sheffield Coach Station
54.30 GBP 1
06 Jul, 10:45 5 Hours, 30 Mins 06 Jul, 16:15 Edinburgh Bus Station
Leeds Bus Station
Change of bus | 2 Hours, 45 Mins layover in Leeds Bus Station
06 Jul, 19:00 0 Hours, 55 Mins 06 Jul, 19:55 Leeds Bus Station
Sheffield Coach Station
mobile-phone M-TICKET (Show QR code upon entering the bus, no need for printed ticket)
54.30 GBP
06 Jul | 22:40
Edinburgh Bus Station
5 h 30 min Direct

07 Jul | 04:10

Sheffield Meadowhall
20.99 GBP 1
06 Jul, 22:40 5 Hours, 30 Mins 07 Jul, 04:10 Edinburgh Bus Station
Sheffield Meadowhall
mobile-phone M-TICKET (Show QR code upon entering the bus, no need for printed ticket)
20.99 GBP
06 Jul | 21:10
Edinburgh Bus Station
6 h 10 min Direct

07 Jul | 03:20

Sheffield Coach Station
54.40 GBP 1
06 Jul, 21:10 6 Hours, 10 Mins 07 Jul, 03:20 Edinburgh Bus Station
Sheffield Coach Station
mobile-phone M-TICKET (Show QR code upon entering the bus, no need for printed ticket)
54.40 GBP
06 Jul | 08:45
Edinburgh Bus Station
7 h 25 min 1 Bus Change

06 Jul | 16:10

Sheffield Coach Station
35.70 GBP 1
06 Jul, 08:45 5 Hours, 5 Mins 06 Jul, 13:50 Edinburgh Bus Station
Leeds Bus Station
Change of bus | 1 Hours, 25 Mins layover in Leeds Bus Station
06 Jul, 15:15 0 Hours, 55 Mins 06 Jul, 16:10 Leeds Bus Station
Sheffield Coach Station
mobile-phone M-TICKET (Show QR code upon entering the bus, no need for printed ticket)
35.70 GBP

    Take the Bus Between Edinburgh and Sheffield?

    Looking to get from Edinburgh to Sheffield? Take the bus is a great choice and is often the cheapest method of transport. With tickets from as low as £20.99 on this route you are guaranteed great value. We sell tickets on this route with , Megabus.

    Remember. Bus travel is low emission so you’re doing your bit for the environment as well as grabbing a super deal. All our bus operators maintain modern, well equipped fleets, offering comforts including wi-fi, electric outlets, WC, and reclining seats.

    We recommend booking as far in advance as you can in order to secure your seat. Seats on the Edinburgh to Sheffield bus route sell quickly, so to secure a fare as low as £20.99 book now.

    Useful Information for Edinburgh and Sheffield

    Get on the bus in Edinburgh

    Start your journey in Edinburgh. Edinburgh (Gaelic: Dùn Èideann) is the capital of Scotland located in the Central Belt region of the country. With a population of approximately 450,000 (1 million in the city region), Edinburgh fizzes with a cosmopolitan yet uniquely Scottish atmosphere. Old volcanoes ensure a dramatic natural setting, with the imposing castle atop one. Beneath its guard, the city combines medieval relics, Georgian grandeur and a powerful layer of modern life with contemporary avant-garde. Medieval palaces, Gothic churches and fascinating historical buildings rub shoulders with the best of modern architecture, such as the Houses of Scottish Parliament and the refurbished National Museum of Scotland. Variously dubbed "Auld Reekie" or "Athens of the North", but usually just plain "Emmbruh", it hosts great restaurants, shops, pubs, wild and mild clubs, and an unrivalled programme of city festivals throughout the year. Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year, kicks off the festivities; August sees the Tattoo, the International Festival and the Festival Fringe – the world's largest arts festival. The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh were listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1995. In 2004, Edinburgh became the first member of the UNESCO Creative Cities initiative when it was designated a City of Literature.

    Get off the bus in Sheffield

    Starting in Edinburgh, you can be in Sheffield in just 5 h 30 min with , Megabus. Book today from just £20.99 with easyBus.com.. The original Steel City, Sheffield is one place most have heard of, but isn't usually on many travellers' bucket lists. If this is you, you're missing out. It's true, Yorkshire's second city has a bit of an image problem. Its cutlery may be in kitchen drawers the world over, but Sheffield hasn't necessarily reinvented itself in the way that other northern English cities have managed to do. That being said, first-time visitors are more often than not surprised by what they find. Many remark on how they wish they'd discovered the place sooner, and wonder why nobody told them it was here. Why? Sheffielders are too modest; they know their city is wonderful, but they won't tell you so, even though that means getting overlooked more often than not. When pushed, they might mumble something about metal and hills, but they won't tell you about their creative talents, or their museums and art galleries. If the locals mention the city's two universities, they won't brag about their size (30,000 students apiece) or successes (world leaders in industry, engineering and the sciences). They certainly won't talk about the fact that Sheffield is England's National City of Sport, nor that it has a credible claim to being the real ale capital of the world, nor even that it is home to Britain's biggest and best theatre scene outside London. As for telling you how many trees Sheffield has (three times the number of people), or just how close it is to the Peak District (one third of the city lies within this national park, the UK's oldest), you can forget it. But now you're in the know, there can be no more excuses - you'll find there's plenty to discover in "England's largest village".

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